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Update time.

So since my original post I've started backing up Winamp at the end of every day before switching off. Interestingly enough it looks like it always subsequently recovers its previous state correctly after doing this. I.e. simply the act of making the backup using Winamp Backup Tool seems to ensure that the state is properly restored next time. Or in other words, making a backup means I don't need a backup...

This seems like a rather strange result to me, but I've done enough iterations now to make it seem conclusive. In addition, the only very few times I've since encountered the issue are on occasions when I've forgotten to make a backup. It doesn't happen every time I don't make a backup, but it just seems that there is a high chance (e.g. ~50%) that it will occur if I don't. Though I don't have so much statistical certainty in this result as I've only forgotten to make a backup a few times.

So I guess it is somehow Windows related such that interacting with the relevant files with another program somehow ensures that the state is correctly saved? Maybe some sort of locking handle in memory from Winamp that doesn't get disconnected properly otherwise? Very odd.

If anyone else has any experience or thoughts on this I'd be interested to hear them.

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