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Hello again ...

Today I would like to introduce a new feature which I spontaneously implemented in the container windows. From now on every container window has three modes:

Frame w/ Playback-Mode

Since all three modes are linked to each other (and Playback Area "demands" more than 280 pixel in the width), you have to resize the window first in order to switch between the modes. As soon as the SwitchButton (on the right side) is not grayed out anymore, the feature is activated and you can choose one.

This extension will give you all three possible "surroundings" a container window content can have. I really hope you will find it useful.

And while I am at it, I would like to ask you some short questions:

1) Should we leave one button design/looks for all three modes or should I make three different ones? Currently the SwitchButton has two horizontal lines.

2) Right now the Playlist Editor features not only the Playlist content but also the AlbumCover. (which you can make visible by grabbing and dragging the vertical divider from right to the left side).

Should we keep it that way or remove the AlbumCover and leave the Playlist "alone"?

Please bear in mind that the border of the NoFrame-Mode is just 1 pixel wide/heigh. Hence it might be a little bit tricky sometimes to "get" the "double-headed-resize-arrow". Be patient ...

To be continued ...
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