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Many weeks ago Victor has a wonderful idea. He asked me to display notifications like "Crossfade On/Off" on the MainPlayer's display. I very welcomed that suggestion and extended this to ALL possible notes like "CLOSE ALBUM DRAWER" or "REPEAT: ALL" etc.

Now I realized that there is an "oddity" regarding this workflow and Color Themes Container.
Normally, Winamp adds a new created container to the Context Menu, which is understandable. The drawback of this option is that the CT Button on the Equalizer Drawer AND Color Themes Container ARE NOT SYNCHRONIZED as it is the case between PL-, ML-windows and "their" buttons on the MainPlayer.

This has an ugly effect that wrong notifications are shown when I ...

- open CT window by a click on the CT-Button (="OPEN COLOR THEMES")
- close CT window using the X-Button
- open it again using the CT-Button (="CLOSE COLOR THEMES" which is completely wrong here)

What can be done here?

1) I very doubt it, that I could "hide" the COLOR THEMES command in the Context Menu and "leave" the user just with the CT Button. Is it possible?
2) I am not aware of any technique how to set a PrivateInteger after opening a Container window using the Context Menu. Do anybody of you know the trick?
3) Get rid of the CT Button on the Equalizer Drawer. Unorthodox but would avoid the wrong notifications on the display.

What to do ...?
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