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This is a solution/answer to my own question, which I asked in my previous post.

The issue was the length of the background bar in the ColorThemes container window.

Creating a new ColorThemes container will provide not only the actual list of color themes which are stored in a .xml-file but also show a tab divided in two parts. On the left part, it says Theme and this part is clickable: by doing so the sort order is changed from A to Z and vice versa. The right part of that tab is not labeled and seems to not have any function. (You will not see that tab in my skin since I disabled it.)

The crucial part is that the divider between those two has a constant width and cannot be grabbed or moved in any direction. Hence the (exactly same) constant width of the colored background bar.

"Quod erat demonstrandum" = which is what had to be shown
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