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Regarding the multiple check status in Notifier/Songticker context menu:

In order to avoid copying and pasting stuff from Bento hoping it would work in my skin I decided to get professional help because my wish was to change as less as possible within the files and within the folder order.

And since the understanding of the "mechanism" within my skin was paramount from the very beginning (making Quinto back in 2010) I asked martin.deimos if it was possible to get rid of the bug without writing additional scripts and/or making my skin unnecessarily too big. All I got from him as a respond was just one sentence: "add the file which contains the line #define MAIN_ATTRIBS_MGR".

Well, it was not that hard to find that loadattribs.m file, which I instantly altered according to Quinto's "needs". The problem was that the addition and compilation of that file did not show expected results. It took me the entire weekend to find out what was missing: the call line for that script! One search run through Bento's files and there I had it. The call line was added into the skin.xml file and now we have a perfectly working context menu while running Quinto skin.

This also means we have another update. (v1.2)

I certainly will run some tests an keep it on my desktop for the next couple of days. I also will contact Winaero to discuss the matter of a new download link and/or entry in his blog. So please be patient and stay tuned.

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