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Okay, problem 1: Looks like you forgot to define what "Layout Groups" actually is. You've got pcGroup=getcontainer.getlayout.findobject("Layout Groups"), but pcGroup not in the Global Group Group1, group2... area at all.

Second, I'm not 100%, but pretty sure that in order for .settarget... and .gototarget() to work, you have to do it for one GUIobject at a time. Instead of:


It'd be:


If I'm wrong about this, somebody correct me.

And lastly, there's two problems with the following line:

ChngLytGrp.onLeftButtonUp(int x, int y) {
if (InstantMode) {

The first is, there is No InstantMode. You've got it defined as Slidemode, and as an Int at that. For the syntax to be proper, I'd recommend changing Slidemode to a boolean, which is what I did in the attached script.

Oh, and your custom function CycleDisplayModeInstant() is called CycleDisplayModeSlide() in the actual function. Looks like you got the int and function names scrambled.

The attached script compiled fine, you've just gotta make sure all your XML stuff is named the same now, and it should work for ya. Good luck.

Edit: And if you've already attached the script, it's kind of redundant to paste the entire thing into the message as well.
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