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Eh, sorry to look like an ignorant, but, what am I supposed to do with "My SQL Server" "My SQL Database" "My SQL Username" and "My SQL Password"? Am I supposed to register somewhere or do something from my RMO Page?
An SQL server stores your information once you have it all setup and tracks imported its shouldn't be that daunting to use Follow the steps mentioned in the various tutorials on my website and you should have RadioDJ setup with MariaDB in no time.

Like I said if you have issues setting things up hit us up on the RadioDJ forums

Originally Posted by jcnyct View Post
do it the right way.. use SAM Broadcaster Pro.. it pays for itself if you're serious about Internet radio.

free programs??.. well you get what you pay for. You'll never be able to do what you can with SAM Broadcaster Pro with free programs.. trust me avoid the headache.
RadioDJ isn't a bad program because its free. Its quite reliable & stable and easy to use once setup.

SAM has 4 different database setup options and uses MySQL also along with 3 other dodgy database options. So that wouldn't help him if he's confused as to what a database is. Plus SAM Costs $$$ and really isn't worth buying.

You can do MORE than SAM Broadcaster with RadioDJ it has more event actions than SAM for starters

@ComradeJuan Remember it can take time to get used to how things about Internet radio work... Have some patience! don't scream that you can't do something straight away learn like I did I knew nothing 16 years ago now I'm proficient in how the working of Internet radio actually work.
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