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@jcnyct You think what you like about RadioDJ everyone who comes to RadioDJ from SAM Broadcaster always says how bad SAM was for reliability and stability among other things...

SAM Broadcaster may well have a few features that RadioDJ doesn't but that still doesn't make RadioDJ any less of an automation program

RadioDJ doesn't have a "Pitch" control because its a Radio studio program not a program for use for DJ'ing at a nightclub with.

RadioDJ has great library support with unlimited categories/subcategories, It does have a reporting tool and it also has a feature called "Tracks from SQL query" which is similar to PAL scripts but they don't cause as many memory leaks as a badly written PAL script can do with SAMBC!

The paid for version of RadioDJ is under construction and i understand it has a lot more features than the free version including encoders built in

I'm fed up of having to keep defending RadioDJ against people like you. The way some people react when I mention it you'd think I'd just shown them a radio active turd from Chernobyl...

P.S For the record I do NOT LIE about RadioDJ that's a shocking accusation for someone to make anywhere not just on a forum! Take it back I'm no Liar!
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