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Equalizer presets are "in the 'ear' of the beholder". What Mr. Jones likes for a acoustic preset may not be to your liking. If you compare the WMP's and iTunes' presets you will notice they are different from each other. Also, Winamp, WMP and iTunes uses different EQ bands.

Try the attached individual preset file. It is very loosely based on the WMP and iTune acoustic preset (visual comparison). When you download/save the preset, rename it from acoustic.txt to Acoustic.eqf

Then when Winamp is running...
1. Click the preset button
2. Load > From EQF...
3. go to the folder/directory when you downloaded the preset and open the preset file

If you want you can add that to Winamp's defaults presets.
1. Click the preset button
2. Save > Preset...
3. give it name like Acoustic or something of your choice and save

More info, from TSGH > Winamp Equalizer Q&A Guide....

Q: Where can I find more presets? Where can I find presets for other genres?
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