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Originally posted by xzxzzx
Well, when the mess is in the CSS, browsers which don't (or can't, due to limitations of the device they're on) understand CSS can still appropriately display the page, because you've removed the design from the content.
eh, not exactly. here's my friend's site without the stylesheet

I'd be willing to wager that most browsers on wireless devices (phones, palm pilots, etc..) do understand stylesheets. What are some of the mobile devices that understand html but not css, anyone?

I'd also be willing to wager that people who still surf the net with Netscape 4.x or worse really don't understand what the internet is really about. I'm not going to worry about ruinging the experience for 0.0000001% of the audience (netscape 4.x, palm piltoers, etc..) as much as I am about ruining the experience for 95% of the audience (IE users).
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