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Re: Font problem

@ Juanus - welcome to the font problem club. What size jacket do you wear?

So in installed the latest BETA, v5.5 (Build 1568) BETA, and the previous font issues
I reported here are no longer occurring. Moving from the ML's Local Media View to
other views does not seem to affect the font size as it did before.

However, all is still not well ...
  1. Close Winamp ensuring the property circled in red here is checked.
  2. Open Winamp
  3. Go to the ML's All Music view
    (although from my tests this seems to happen on any/all ML views)
  4. Open the Media Library preferences
  5. In the "Advance Library Preferences" group,
    toggle the "Media Library uses same font as Playlist Editor" property on & off
For me, this will adjust the font in the ML Tree, but NOT in the main window of the ML.
I would expect it to adjust the font in both areas.

Note that this same property had an affect on the issue logged against Preview #1
v5.5 (Build 1550) BETA.

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