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i think i'm just going to have to put in a block on loading convolution.ape on non-XP installs as i just cannot work out what on earth it's doing which makes it fail on Windows 7 and not XP (unlike implied which is not the case from my testing with my build on the different OSes).

not an ideal solution but it at least means it's possible to indicate the issue visually without causing things to crash, etc until a solution can be created (as this has to be an issue with that ape specifically on newer OSes as i'd have to expect it not to work on XP if it was specifically due to the AVS version).

and i've updated my post higher up with the status of the 'issues' i'd listed so that some are now classed as done. really the killer seems to be the whole fullscreen/overlay modes being borked now as i've not had a crash in a while (ignoring when i'm allowing convolution.ape to crash). might even consider uploading a test version in the coming week or two...

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