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Good, thanks for the thoughtful feddback, let's go bit by bit:

1. Can't see it, maybe it's a plugin on your side remembering song position? Without a plugin I can't have the seekbar ON because there isn't any song playing..

2. Expected, I haven't got my head around this, wanted to implemented for most songs names but ended up badly, it even has the same issue as my cProXUI Unity (opposite options shows like enabled at the same time). Will solve it out eventually or discard the option..

3. On my to do list
- Custom buttons (add / rem / misc) on external PL (maybe + PL Search too)
3a. Maybe I won't be able to solve this, it requires high knowledge of window-holders management I don't have and my shouts for help didn't get any reply... =/

4. Noticed. Probably the only pre-existing script I didn't tweaked somehow, I'll look into it with your hints, but something tells me it won't be that easy to solve.. the original skin was crafted among Quadhelix and Leechbite, 2 of the best minds around Modern Winamp skinning of all time, and if they didn't figured it out then..
The good thing is that modern PCs are more powerful now than when the skin was originally released*, so maybe there is a little chance to find a workaround.

* I revived this skin partly because I think it was ahead of its time, the kind of features it has are more manageable with today's PCs (even touchscreen). I always got it on my backups but never used it because of how laggy it was. Until I changed my PC..
Anyway, the skin can still perform roughly under some circumstances, and I don't think I will be able to solve some of the issues with the cover handling on the Cover-flow (which, according to what I talked about with DrO some time ago, may be actually related to Winamp's handling of the embedded cover, so there is little we can do). But I'll do my best .
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