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Noob trying to broadcast, but encountering a problem.

Hello everyone, I'm new to internet radio and decided to give a shot at using SHOUTcast. I've looked through the forums already and cannot find a thread which describes the error that I am encountering right now.

I'm trying to use VirtualDJ to stream with the SHOUTcast streaming service.
I have entered all the needed details under the broadcast tab:
port - 8000
along with my password and id.

I then click 'start recording/broadcasting.'.
I then play music through VDJ, but when I go to listen to my internet radio on another device, all what plays is my fallback file.

The answer may be really simple but I've literally been trying to fix this for 6 hours. There are no clear steps on how to fix this, so all help is welcome. Thanks.
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