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Originally Posted by PeterK. View Post
Please have a look at this thread.
Thank you for the info. I don't have the skills (other than that needed for simple xml file edits) to modify skins myself. I tried editing the relevant values in the studio.xnf file but that didn't work. The notifier pop-ups based on the script in the Winamp Modern skin do not expose the options in the UI that I would most like to use (location and duration). Those based on the script in Big Bento do.

For a long time after the notifier pop-up was introduced it did not work correctly. In addition, many people consider this momentary pop-up a distraction so they simply disable it. I mainly look at the pop-ups from time to time to let me know when my active playlist is about to run out (when the playlist itself is not visible), so I will learn to live with what Quinto Black CT provides. It is a great deal more usable than the original Quinto skin.

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