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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
notification pop-up feature
Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
The notifier pop-ups
I must confess that I am little bit confused right now since you mentioned NOTIFICATIONS in your previous post and NOTIFIER in the last one.

I thought you were interested in learning how to enable NOTIFICATIONS ON THE DISPLAY. But this is not the case here at all. You were talking about the NOTIFIER and the option of placing it on the desktop. Correct?

No, there is no such option which would allow user to choose where to put the NOTIFIER on their desktop. I am sorry. And the reason for the lack of such option is the fact, that Quinto's NOTIFIER does not truncate too long song infos. If the song's name contains 200 characters you will see all of them. Placing the NOTIFIER in the right corner and showing just 10 of those characters would make no sense here. IMO.
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