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Originally Posted by PeterK. View Post
I must confess that I am little bit confused right now since you mentioned NOTIFICATIONS in your previous post and NOTIFIER in the last one.


Sorry about the confusion. Proper terminology can be a bit tricky at times. I am indeed talking about the notifier pop-up. The related options in the UI are listed in the main context menu under the Options - Notifications commands.

I know it would not be simple to replace a Winamp Modern based notifier with a Big Bento based one. Ignore my request.

The notifier in Winamp Modern does show in the lower right corner, but the one in your skin shows centered at the bottom of the screen on my computer. I have it centered at the top of my screen for the other modern skins in my collection that let me control the location. The notifiers based on the Big Bento scheme grow or shrink to accommodate their contents. They can also include a scaled down version of any related album art available.

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