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PhoenixWarez: you can save it to any text filename that you want to, you just have to make sure to pass that filename to sc_serv2 when running it.

thinktink: i've not had a chance to properly look at this though looks great from a quick check. i had been toying with the idea of something like this myself as there seems to be a complete issue with people following the newer example files *shrugs* though this saves me some work (though i should really learn a bit more about javascript at some point soon ).

only thing i'm not personally keen on is with it filling in things which are otherwise already set as a default value by the tool as a wall of 50 lines seems to scare the life out of most noobies.

also am wondering (once i've got the wiki pages sorted out) if help links or something like that could be done between this and the wiki probably in a mini 'help' frame.

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