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DrO is correct, you could save the files as "muckamuckafracknarf.barf" and "muckamuckafrackgas.chuck" and as long as you passed the file name in the startup line it would still work. (ie: "sc_serv.exe muckamuckafracknarf.barf" and "sc_trans.exe muckamuckafrackgas.chuck" respectively.)

Actually, it had been a while since the last time I played with JavaScript and I had to relearn a bunch of stuff but because JavaScript is pretty close (in format) to C++ it wasn't terribly painful. lol Oh, and you're welcome to look at the JavaScript source if you want.

I had considered a bit about the defaults. Most of them described in the docs do make sense. The problem with defaults though is that sometimes they change between builds (not that there's anything wrong with that intrinsicly) After thinking about it I decided that "Konsistency is King." If, for example, someone was to report an error or a problem with the configs generated I would know what to expect as far as what was originally specified and could confidently attempt to replicate the error/problem for testing later on. There are alot of options though that if the fields are left blank (or manually erased) the script won't output the corresponding config option at all thereby setting that option to the current build's default. One of the goals of the page though is to make consistently replicable and successful configs across current and future sc_serv/sc_trans builds regardless of what the defaults could be in the future. I thought that would be best. It is negotiable though.

For the wiki, if the SHOUTcast team or AOL would like to include the configurator by either linking to it or just ripping it off my server and hosting it themselves (which would probably be a better idea although if they do I would like to be able to edit it myself should the need arise (but it's not a requirement)) I don't mind.

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