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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
only other thing i've not got around to looking into was the 'clean' file i'd mentioned in a previous post but that's not essential, just having it working as it does is good.
It's a good idea but I'll need to have a think about that one for a while to figure out how to implement that.

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
one thing that has come to mind is if it's easy / possible to make it save the contents of the text area instead of having to do the manual copy+paste stage? can't remember how much access javascript would have for doing something like that.
The access ain't much. I can look into it but without transferring the data to a server it's not likely. Unless you know of something. I could be wrong and I would love to be wrong, would make things MUCH easier for the user to be able to do that.

[EDIT /]
I might have found some viable solutions for downloading/transfering the config data to a file but it'll take a bit more research and experimentation.

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