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and what's mentioned in that is wrong as i get the failures seen in Winamp and in the cases where it crashes, the handling via say foobar is worse than what happens in Winamp.

and again, telling people to downgrade the whole of their Winamp install (when that is not the issue) is completely insane and is no wonder that Winamp keeps appearing in security issues since people keep refusing to update their installed copy and just selectively install older files (if that is really needed).

as you have posted in here, i'll direct you to and the following posts (which i know you've read) as that is the 2-stage 'solution' which is in-place at the moment (and depending on timings, may just end up with one AVS dll in the main installer which does run - irrespective of APE's then failing in their own respect). since i've just put up the first test build to try to get things stable between all of the versions and OS.

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