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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
and as you keep not taking in, it's vis_avs and more specifically the APE plug-ins in most of the cases that are the points of failure on newer OS. it is _NOT_ the Winamp version itself.

your page of recommendation is exposing people to year old vulnerabilities and that is not responsible! why not tell people to keep using Windows 95 as well? that is the equivalent of what your page is telling people to do.
Your post can be countered with the very same logic, Win95, 98, ME, 2k, XP had a vulnerability because of one "plug-in" in them, called Internet Explorer. When people discovered they can use something else than IE to browse the web, their systems became a lot more secure.

So the APE's are the thing that causes AVS to crash? Good enough reason, except that half of the AVS production aka presets rely on those APE's, why? Because AVS was never frequently updated in the first place.

Now I understand that contacting those APE authors is a lot of work, it's even more work to ask them for the source code, even more they probably don't even have the source anymore. So what's the solution? A lot of hard work where you simply enable the functions of those APE's into AVS. If it means no backwards compalibility, it could be the sacrifice one has to make and hope new people or old people for that matter pick it up from the fresh start.

This might sound like a lot of rambling, it is, I have no technical knowledge of what goes between the code lines, but I do know why AVS needed APE's and why AVS simply stopped being popular.

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