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7z file outside the installer.

Hello everyone.

It's been a week i'm trying to build an installer. Everything is done except one thing. I can't find a way to build the installer with the 7z file outside. The folder which contains the subfolders and files is around 13.4 gb. With 7z on max compression it will go around 6 gb. So what i want to do is to build the installer with the data.7z next to it. During the installation the installer will extract the data in $INSTDIR.

Please don't recommand me CABSetup plug-in. I downloaded it, read the steps in the readme file and i couldn't understand a thing. Everything looked so difficult. I have also tried the following but it didn't work:
Nsis7z::ExtractWithDetails "$EXEPATH\data.7z" "Installing: %s..."

I wish you guys have a solution. You are my last hope...
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