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How to make self extracting exe ?


I want to make a self extracting exe(abcdInstaller.exe), which runs another exe(AppInstaller.apk, this is installing abcd.apk on my pc). Below script works fine but when I run abcdInstaller.exe, it also extracts these two files on current directory(from where I'm running this exe) and runs the AppInstaller.exe.

But What I want, User just click on abcdInstaller.exe and abcdInstaller.exe will run AppInstaller.exe in background, which will do its work.

!include LogicLib.nsh
!include WinMessages.nsh

SilentInstall silent
RequestExecutionLevel user ;no elevation needed for this test
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# this will be the created executable archive
OutFile "abcdInstaller.exe"

InstallDir $EXEDIR

# the executable part

# define the output path for the following files

# define what to install and place it in the output path...
File AppInstaller.exe
# ...and the library.
File abcd.apk

# run application
ExecShell "open" "AppInstaller.exe"

# done

I tried to comment SetOutPath $INSTDIR, but then nothing happens.

Please give some suggestions.
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