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Alright. The installer is ready and it looks awesome thanks to you guys. I put everything in an ISO file. I also included an autorun.inf file. Everything is perfect. Now i'm moving on the creation of the installer for the update patches of my application. It will be using VPatch. The idea is like this. There are some files (more than 14) that are ~100 mb each one of them. I don't want to include these files in the installer. So is there any way the installer does the following process?

- Checks those files if they are up-to-date in the installation folder.
- Then (If they are not) the installer patches them.
- Or (if they are) the installer will do a DetailPrint "<file name> is up-to-date!"

I certainly have already taken a look at the example.nsi file of VPatch. It seems in both normal way and hard way the installer includes the updated file. But i don't want that. I want to keep the installer ~100-120 mb max. By the way i would like to use the hard way so the .pat files are extracted in the plug-ins folder. In this way customers will not see any temporary files in the installation folder.

Thanks in advance.
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