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I installed NSIS v3.x and installed the plugin but during compiling my script i was getting error(s). I can't remember what error(s) i was getting though. I was too tired and sleepy to solve another mystery. So i switched back to NSIS v2.50 and i installed the ansi version of the plugin. Both of them do their job so no problem.

Yeah i know. The situation was that i didn't know which version (x64 unicode, x86 unicode, x86 ansi) to install so i started testing each one of them. And while i was testing them, i faced those issues i reported.

Guys now i will need your experience one more time, hopefully the last one. I am head admin of a forum. That forum provides a software. Another head admin of that forum was responsible for the update patches of the software. Unfortunately that head admin is no longer active and the last time i asked him, he told me that he lost the nsis scripts and the old versions of the files he was creating patches for. The last cumulative patch he made was v8.

So here is my question now. Is there anyway i continue making cumulative patches considering i can't have the old versions of the files? And what i want isn't i continue providing his cumulative patch v8 and my cumulative patch next to it. What i want is i continue his cumulative patch so there is only one patch available. I wish you have a solution for this guys, i really do. Because for me, it already seems very tricky. :/
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