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Right now, there is only his cumulative patch v8 and my patch v11 which is not cumulative. I have an idea and i want you tell

me if it will work.

- I do a clean install of the application.
- Compare the files of the installed app with the files of the current latest version of the app. Then save the old files in a folder named "initial".
- Install his cumulative patch and compare the files again. Then save the old files in a folder named "latest installed".
- I remove my patch v11 from the forum.
- I make a new patch v11 which is cumulative this time which can update fresh setups of the app and setups that have his v8 patch installed.
- And every time there is a new update i will just compare the files, copy the old ones and paste them in the "latest installed" folder overwriting the previous ones.

In this way, every new cumulative patch i will release it will be able to update fresh setups and setups that have the previous cumulative patch installed. What do you think?
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