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@ OaQM: Thank you. I replied. If you didn't receive the reply, please let me know here and I'll try resending.

@ Aminifu: I would absolutely love the 3950X and RTX 2080 but sadly at my income it's too much of a stretch since I have some other unexpected financial attacks that have been happening recently. I wouldn't have even bought the motherboard I did if there were another lower priced x570 available at the time. There was a global x570 shortage and I didn't want anything other than x570 in an effort to be more "future proof".

As far as video editing goes, I've used Microsoft Photos Video Editor in addition to Power Point for some work, but I'm hoping to do better soon. The current setup with the 3900x and RTX 2060 seems like it's quite sufficient for the job. Previewing/seeking/3D transitions, and filters all seem to be smooth when editing, even at 4K, although I don't really do much in 4K since most of my viewers are in 1080p. Render time is tolerable, especially when I can just do it in the background while working on other tasks. Having a lot of threads in the processor makes it so that you don't notice any slowdown when there's a render in the background, plus, I think it drops the priority a bit to allow what you're working on to stay at top speed. Either way, it's an enormous relief compared to editing video on the older core2quad 2.83 GHz processor that I was using before.

On the subject of the older computer - I only really need a power supply unit and maybe a case to make it work again. And I'll just steal a HDD from the stack in the newer computer. Outside of video editing (and gaming, which I don't really do), it's still perfectly good hardware. I even have an extra Windows 10 Professional product key I can use for it. I'm hoping to put it together in the coming weeks. I could just dangle the components from the ceiling in the garage in front along with an old box fan and use it there. That would be rather entertaining.

Finally, the external Pioneer optical Blu Ray drive seems good, but all I have done with it so far is have my family watch a couple movies. The purchase I made came packaged with a decent carrying case that would fit nicely in a laptop bag and a product key for PowerDVD and the CyberLink Power2Go 8 software including burning apps and some other stuff that I haven't explored yet.

To answer your questions: the player uses one USB port, and I have been using a 3.0 powered USB hub to connect it since I hid the tower behind a giant piece of furniture and I don't have access to the case without moving furniture. If you want, you can get USB 3 via PCIe expansion card for a reasonable price. My old Dell many years ago had only USB 1.1 and I used a PCI to USB 2.0 card to speed up file transfers to a portable hard drive. I loved that cheap upgrade, and what I'm suggesting could buy time on an older machine to go to USB 3 on a 2-only machine.

I don't see how the Pioneer drive could connect to two ports; the wire that comes with it only connects to one. It's white whereas all other components are black. That's odd. The drive has a 5V power input if you need extra power. From what I understand there are faster burners out there but they are either internal for the extra power or are external with supplemental power cords.

I like this drive so far, although I've only had my wife and kid watch Blu-Rays on it so far. There is an Amazon review from user GIVE Reviews that seems pretty helpful although long, and I'll post it here if you're wanting to know more:

I was skeptical in purchasing this product because it was expensive (I purchased it May 17, 2017 for $99), and I had a bad previous experience with an external DVD read/write product with terrible results. Then, I purchased this product and plugged it into my laptop (I used both USB plus; one 2.0 & one 3.0), and it worked like a charm. When it spins up, you have to put the external player on a flat surface. The first time I tried it mine was not on a flat surface and it started to make a vibrating noise. Then I made sure it was on a flat surface and it worked wonderfully. I burned a DVD without a problem; I have not yet tried to burn a BluRay. [update] I have now burned 50 gb BluRay disk and it works flawlessly (read caution for tablets with 1 USB port below).

- Works seamlessly with computer
- Spins quietly (no louder than an internal drive) - again, make sure it is on a very flat surface
- Flip top allows easy inserting and ejecting media - I love this
- Very small footprint - it's as small as it can get
- Sleek design - it helps that it looks nice next to the computer (i.e., not an eye-sore)
- Cord is long enough to reach to the computer's USB ports
- It does take two USB slots - one 2.0 & one 3.0 slot (it needs the 2.0 for more power, but I think it is possible to run off of just the 3.0 slot)
- Surface Pro 3 does need a powered USB hub to supply power to the unit. If I use a non-powered USB hub, it has issues recognizing the drive. Surface Pro 3 only has one USB port. You might need to use a powered USB hub if you plug it into a tablet with one USB port.

I am so happy with this purchase. I have been looking a long time for an external CD/DVD/Blu-Ray player. I purchased this at $99. I got it when the getting was good because I now see the price went up. It is a lot of money for an external writer; however, if you decide to buy it, all I can say is that you will NOT be disappointed in its performance. It was definitely worth the money I paid. I highly recommend this product!

IMPORTANT IF YOU USE WITH Surface Pro 3 [10/29/2017 update]

-THE PROBLEM: I bought this to eventually use it for an external CD/DVD/Blu-Ray to be used with my Surface Pro 3 (Win10 pro). I already used it with my laptop with no issues, but the Surface Pro 3 only has one USB slot and this requires two slots. I have read other reviews that this player can function with one USB cable plugged in and the only downside is that there will be some performance issues (i.e., two USB cables provide more power thus gives better performance). I can say with certainty that this is NOT the case. I plugged the one USB cable into my SP3 and the drive connected and disconnected multiple times within seconds to then finally be disconnected (i.e., unrecognizable by the OS). Furthermore, it rendered my SP3 unable to recognize the player when plugging it in "the right way" (see THE SOLUTION). This is important because I forgot to take a restore point thereby making my only alternative was to reset my Surface Pro 3 to factory defaults, which fixed the problem - but not good that I needed to do that to fix the problem. I also tried plugging in a unpowered USB hub so that I could plug in both USB cables into the hub and then plug the hub into my SP3. That also did not work - meaning the Surface Pro 3 did not have enough USB power from the one port to power both cable connections - also not good (this was done with my Surface Pro 3 plugged in).

-THE SOLUTION: Here is what works for me when using this player with the Surface Pro 3. I purchased a powered USB hub (listed below). I now plug this player into the powered hub, turn on the power to the hub thereby powering the player, THEN plug the hub into the Surface Pro 3. Works every time. I can hot swap the powered USB hub or anything plugged into the hub using this configuration as long as the Hub has power. In other words, the power to the USB hub is acting like a power plug to this drive.

Below is the Amazon product and link that I used to power the Pioneer Portable Drive. Make sure to power the USB hub on FIRST before either connecting the Drive to the Hub or the Hub to the computer (i.e., DO NOT connect the drive to the computer before powering the Hub).

Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Ultra-Slim Portable Data Hub with 12W Power Adapter for Macbook, Mac Pro / mini, iMac, XPS, Surface Pro, Notebook PCs and More $16.99 (as of 3/7/18)

Lastly, I don't know if this issue exists with other devices that only have one USB port, but I would image it would be a possibility. At a minimum, if you power Pioneer BDR-XD05B 6x Slim Portable drive with a powered USB hub, you should not have any issues, and you should be assured to gain the maximum performance from this drive. Always make sure the Hub is powered before connecting the drive to the Hub or the Hub to the computer, and you should not have any issues.

Now, if you ask me if all this is worth it? Oh yea. I am now burning 45 gb backups from my SSD drive. The Blu-Ray drive functions like a charm. I have burned 4 Blu-Ray disks with no issues. TIP: I zip all my files up using 7zip with no compression (takes about 10 min) and then burn one 45 gb file to the Blu-Ray disk. It takes about 1.5 - 2 hours hours to burn 45 gb. Not bad for 45 gb (that's the equivalent of burning 10 DVDs). SIDENOTE: a 50 gb double layer only gives you 45.1 gb of usable disk space.

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