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Hi swingdjted,

Thank you for the info on the Pioneer Blu Ray drives. In my rush to learn more about the drive, I downloaded the manual and it described coming with a special cable that allows connecting the drive to 1 or 2 USB ports. The review you posted seems to be talking about a drive with that cable.

I ordered a BDR-XD05B drive (the same as described in your link) but got a BDR-XD07B. It came early last week with the normal cable for connecting to 1 USB port. I have not tried burning anything yet, but it works fine playing CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays connected via my 2.0 USB port, so I don't think I will need an external power supply. Even so, 2 days ago, I ordered a Rosewill RC-508 PCI-E X1 express card with 4 USB 3.0 ports from Newegg. It was on sale for $11.00. I would post a link but it is now sold out. This should let the burning run faster (when I get around to that). Also writes to a 2TB external harddrive I have will finish sooner. I use the external harddrive to store music, movies and tv shows. Playback is fine connected to a 2.0 USB port, but writing to the drive takes longer than it would via a 3.0 USB port.

I totally understand trying to get the best computer equipment you can when funds are limited. I console myself with the knowledge that no matter what I buy now, 8 to 10 months later something better will be available for around the same or less money. In the long run, I can't win, so it's best to stick to a reasonable budget.

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