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Andreas E.
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OK, it's *definitely* Winamp's fault.
I've just did a clean install of v5.08.
Same thing. (No wonder, as DirectShow Decoder is same version as with previous Winamp versions: 0.93)

To play some of my SVCDs (mpeg2), I've just installed in_mplayer plugin.
Just for testing, I left .AVI in "supported extensions" in in_mplayer options.

And voilĂ ! That video which never worked in Winamp played perfectly in MPlayer.
As soon as I removed the .AVI extension from the mplayer options and let Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder (0.93) play the video, graphics were garbled again!

Please check DirectShow Decoder therefore. There must be a bug; I shit you not.

For now, I can live with MPlayer playing the video(s), but it should not be a general solution.

@DJ Egg (et all)
You guys maybe even NEED this video to believe me.
If you have an ftp or something of that kind, I'll be honored to upload it for you guys to show that I'm not fantasizing.
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