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Andreas E.
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Ah, thanks for the info.
Well, this even sounds a bit negative, though, heh

But it's indeed the FULL ORIGINAL Indeo package that I installed.

I think the bug will never be possible to show to you unless I pass you the original distribution of the (slightly older) package I use!
Codecs included: v3.2, v4.5 and v5.11.

Installer is 1.97 MB (2.068.266 bytes) from March 10th, 2003.
Internal file version number is

I think now I've really given all info possible.

So, how can I do it now?
I think it does not make much sense in theorizing; I should know how to pass you this file so you can see that Winamp is really incompatible with the '03 Indeo package.
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