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A strange bug

First, sorry admins/mods if this has already been posted. I'm lazy and don't want to look through the forum to see if it has.

Ok, I recently reinstalled WinAmp (Got a virus, reformatted, but forgot to back up my stuff) and so instead of using my old WinAmp 5.3 installer that I would have used had I backed up my stuff, I went to download the latest WinAmp (winamp 5.8d) and I've noticed a bug.

When I hut the x to close winamp, it doesn't terminate the winamp service (otherwords, it's still running.) Then, if I try to open up winamp again, it will start running multiple times according to the ctrl-alt-del service list (EVEN THOUGH I have it set to disallow multiple instances), AND none of them will appear. The only way to fix that is to ctrl-alt-del, end all the WinAmps running, and then restart winamp again. Someone want to take a look into this bug?

P.S. How come shoutcast doesn't work with NAT?
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