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Same issue here

I ran into this yesterday myself. I tried both the solutions on that wiki page.

The first one (RequestExecutionLevel user) worked great on my machine (Windows 7 Professional 64-bit). It failed miserably on my coworker's machine (also Win7 Pro 64). It installed only the shortcuts. No files, no registry keys, nothing but the shortcuts.

What's worse is that it fails silently. That seems totally unforgivable for an installer package. Is there some flag I can set to prevent that? I'd rather the installer abort with flashing lights and sirens than look as if it installed our application when it didn't.

The second option (RequestExecutionLevel admin) works on both our machines, but I don't know what's supposed to go in "TODO" section. I check that the user has admin rights. What if he doesn't? Do I just abort?
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