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Minimalist firefox toolbar?

I finally got around to install winamp toolbar to firefox. I've been using just regular winamp for ages and been annoyed as it's always in the way while browsing :P

It works really well and I really like to use it, but when it comes to toolbars and anything extra in my browser, I tend to get a bit anal about it. I want everything as small, compact and minimalized as possible.

All I'm really looking for is to have basic controls (and "show winamp" button) on my browser on the same bar where the address bar is. Winamp toolbar won't let you do so.
There are also some other limitations, as you cannot remove "More info..." or "Search..." from the it.

Anywas, here's two screens that explains what I'm after:

Now it looks like:
I'd like it to look something like:

Any suggestions?

Tried to search some different addons for firefox, but one doesn't work on new firefox and the other one places the buttons to status bar, not the main one with the address bar.
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