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a reciprocating email couldn't be sent out as the email list was not available post-sale and you can't send something like that without knowing who to send it to. also if Winamp had gone, this forum would definitely not be here. there also would not be news sticky threads in the main sections of the forum (and on the temporary site). so it's not like there isn't information to the contrary of what happened.

AVS has always crashed (it just varied by how much) but as i say, it depends a lot on the OS as to what will or will not work better compared to what has gone before or after. either way, AVS will not be vis plug-in shipped directly with the 6.x release next year as it's too unstable (even when flipping between 2.81b/d and 2.82 to find what works best individually). also the inability to provide a stable plug-in despite numerous attempts at people to fix it means it's not getting any 'official' love.
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