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The problem with the menus not resizing with the window seems to be fine, and the other problems associated with the fix slow text seem to have disappeared. I can confirm Rova's bug with the text, wouldn't it be easier just to wrap text onto the next line or something if it's too long?

I like the new menu system, it looks a lot cleaner having fewer main menus.

I think that Rova's idea about grouping presets by author is a good one, although given the multitude of different combinations of authors, it could be quite confusing. Maybe we could just include presets under the name of the first author listed for that preset? That tends to be the person who modded it last.

The "texture" option on the custom shape looks *amazing*, even on my dodgy computer, that is a really cool effect. And you can even do effects within the shapes with the zoom and everything! Very, very nice indeed

Another top beta Ryan, MD is getting better and better

(Just one little thing - am I the only person who can't see these different transitions between the different presets? The preset transitions look the same as always to me. )

Just wondering, what was that you were saying in the other thread about Thursday being your last day? What's going on there? Does that you mean you won't be able to make any more Winamp plugins?
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