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Re: milkdrop 1.04 beta 6

Originally posted by geiss
One more reminder... if anyone wants to volunteer to round up everyone's submissions of v1.04 presets into one handy zip file for me, I will be their best friend. =)
Being my best friend is not required. July

Incidently I have complied (paintakingly) all the other missing presets from my website. We all we need to do now is to decide on a 'better??' system to orginise the presets. And I will update the website accordingly.

Later I wil fix a few of the altars of madness ones so they look ok with ahigh mesh size. ALready written some version but want to play a little more. Andcomplie a best of or something of what has come out in the past year.

BTW Max mesh looks great Give a whole new demension to some of teh presets. It is all I will ever use.

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