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Right to Privacy
- You will not violate a person's privacy by publishing information against another member’s will, information that is private and personal. If you violate this rule, your account may be automatically banned without prior warning.
My message to you was a private message was it not?, did I say you could reprint in these forums? The PRIVATE message has been removed from your original post as a result.

Your one step away from being banned from these forums.

'sup to you what your next move is, but if you insist on publishing my private message to you, I'll have no option to remove your account, you won't be the first this has happend to.

if there would have been a possibility to talk to the reviewing staff, i would have done that instead of including it in comments
All reviewers at are contactable, look at the forum leaders page for them.

For your information, not that it is any concern of yours, I'm not taking pm's or email because I'm on vacation.
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