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yes. the installer is updated. obviously the beta installers work a little bit differently from the normal builds that end up being pushed on release, but the "previous install" option that is used now is available in both, i think it became active for release installs with 5.12. beta installers include a crash dump plugin for gathering more info, and obviously very clear beta branding. since historically, more than a couple of beta's have been released under the assumption of being finals.

There are also new languages for the installers, im not sure if 5.12 included the french locale, but its there now.

To put the new features in plain english, you've got:

1) gapless mp3+aac playback.
2) vastly superior wave file playback (24bit etc etc).
3) compatibility fixes with tagging.
4) many unicode updates.
5) native portable device support.
6) one hell of a lot of bugfixes.

overall, despite the beta nature of this release, you should find it more than capable.

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