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Please read the first 4 posts fully before posting (ie. 2 x benski, mine and DrO's posts).

A few of your questions/issues have already been addressed.

We can't reproduce any of your issues.
Did you make sure to install the beta to a clean dir, with no 3rd-party plugins?

Make sure the old enc_aac.dll and enc_mp4.dll files are NOT present, because all the AAC/AAC+/M4A encoding is now taken care of by enc_aacplus.dll.
Nullsoft in_mp3, in_mp4, and libmp4v2.dll must all be present in the Winamp\Plugins dir, with NO 3rd-party mp3/mp4/aac plugins, and aacPlusDecoder.w5s and tagz.w5s must both be present in the Winamp\System dir.

The issue with the VorbisEditor is referred to at the end of my main post above.

Milkdrop is saving all settings for me. What do you mean by "from previous version"?
Re: classic playlist winshade
That's because it's no longer using the bitmap font inside the skin, which means it now supports international characters instead of displaying gibberish for them. Sure, maybe a small/upper case option might be cool, but does it really matter?

The GDI Object leak is a bugfix (see here for details)
The FreeType lib (font engine) used in the modern skin engine was updated, thus fixing a few issues (eg. unicode chars, etc)
The new ATF functions and tags are explained further in my main post above.

That sounds like a fairly major issue. I'll leave that one for benski...

Re: 5.13
Yes, whatsnew says 5.13, because that's what it was going to be originally. But because it's taken a bit longer than expected/intended, it's now going to be 5.2 instead. The first public beta is actually still a 5.13 beta, hence the last paragraph in my main post above, which states that some of the new 5.2-specific features are not yet included in this first public beta ;-)
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