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MilkDrop 2.1 beta. Need your help testing!

I've made a change that will potentially impact your Pixel Shader 3 presets.

There are two 'intermediate" pixel shader versions between 2 and 3. The DirectX docs refer to them as 2_A and 2_B. They are referred to as 2.X in MilkDrop. They have most of the features of PS 3.0, but slightly smaller max instructions (but larger than PS 2.0).

I've added support for these in MilkDrop 2.1. Because of how I've done the pixel shader versioning, all PS 3.0 presets will become PS 2.X. You can upgrade your preset (from the 'M' menu) from PS 2.0->PS 2.X->PS 3.0.

This has two major advantages:
  1. It's a work around for the ATI bug that is causing PS 3.0 to fail (I'm actively trying to get a hold of someone at ATI about a solution). Most of the PS 3.0 presets I tried run perfectly fine on PS 2.0B
  2. Some recent "mid-end" graphics cards don't support PS 3.0 but do support 2.X.

Things I need your help with:
  • Are there video cards which support PS 3.0 but DON'T support PS 2.X (I would hope DX9 is smart enough to just use the 3.0 compiler in these situations)
  • Let me know of any PS 3.0 presets included with Winamp that are too complex for PS 2.X and need to be adjusted back to 3.0
  • Flexi: If you want to give me an updated preset pack, that'd be fantastic

Download here:
[edit: minor change uploaded 11 Dec 2008 10:44PM GMT]

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