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so.... that means you have the source
I assume this means its gone back to closed source?

if not.. PLEASE hook a brother up! or if nothing else can we make some requests? I can help with implementations if ryan isn't around..

at a bare minimum can you make page-up/down work while editing code?

Ive got some other ideas I'd love to see added, like shape/wave shaders and some more options for controling the rendering line(like the render before warp flag i had in the old betas)

oh and My SOUND(freqMin,freqMax) function would be golden, you should be able to copy paste that from the old beta since it was just an addon to evalLib.

If u do plan to keep it closed, you should SOOOO hire me to work on it in my spare time(few hours a day).. if your nice I might even do it damn close to free.

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