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A few nights ago, I went to be bistro in Detroit before the wife and I saw Sweeny Todd at the Fisher Theatre. I had quail, first time and I must say it is quite good. I was impressed with how small the bird actually is. I was expecting the animal to be about twice the size.

Anyway, that is not really the point of the post. What I was really impressed with was the fact that the chef had the nerve to not have salt and pepper on the tables. His/her food was quite good and indeed did not need additional salt and pepper.

I admire the statement that makes: "My food is fine and it tastes the way I want it to. I am not going to allow you to add anything to it." I've heard that Gordon Ramsey takes the same approach at his joints. Yeah, it is a little arrogant, but if it is true ...

Anyway, I was impressed. Will definitely be going back.
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