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Winamp Backup Tool v1.0 final released

I'm glad to inform you, that v1.0f is final public available. After a few years of development and testing, it finally left beta stage.

You can grab your copy directly from

Minor things, updated or new translations will come in 1.0x minor update releases.

Thanks for all people who helped during the years with testing, suggestion and critical feedback. And big thanks to Pawel, the co-author of the tool and DrO. <3.

- made 'Help' button opens a weblink instead of the documentation file*
- updated Russian language file to v1.2 (thanks VIPer)
- updated Japanese language file to v1.2 (thanks T-Matsuo)
- updated Romanian language file to v1.2 (thanks Cătălin Zamfirescu)
- fixed format of version number in Winamp Backup Integrity file
- [Installer] made that desktop, start menu and quicklaunch icons are created for the current user only
- [Installer] disabled Downloader and shortcut options for the documentation file*
- [Installer] made installer cleans up documentation stuff (for all those who used the beta versions)
- [Installer] fixed that desktop icon wans't deleted for the current user
- [Core/Installer] updated to NSIS v2.46.5 (Unicode)
- [Core/Installer] several other minor updates, tweaks and improvements
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