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I had massive issues with the Windows Vista+ UAC stuff in the past. The problem is, that a lot of 3rd party stuff or the Winamp Pro infos etc are stored in locations, where the standard user has no permission to access them (Registry, Winamp's program dir etc).

I can basically read all of these infos and backup all required files for standard users, but restoration will fail, because of missing write permissions.

The tool will detect on start, if you are an Administrator and will abort with an info message, if you are not.

Until i find a real solution, how to elevate user rights within the tool (it would require a lot of changes) there is not much I can do in near future.

One possibility would be allowing to select between multiple profiles for backup/restoration, when you are logged in as Administrator. But that must be implemented and tested.

I'm aware, that it's a disadvantage, that you have to be an Administrator, but I cannot say, if or when I find the time to resolve it, sorry.

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