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Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
It's a 1-man project and maintain much more code for different users is simply too much work. So I have no choice, I use the same method like in the forums, only latest version is supported. 5.64 made some siginficant changes to the locations of the setting files.

And really it makes no senseto use e.g. 5.63, when there is a bug fixed 5.64 available.
5.63, there are people still using version 2!

But what you said makes sense to me. The 5.64 version will be released when it is ready (or when you are ready, since what I tested seemed close enough). Those who want to use it will have to use the Winamp version it supports, which they should be using anyway.

I think the lack of interest is because the new generation of Winamp users, and some of the old, have been spoiled. They want things done for them. They want the backup and restore that this tool provides to be part of Winamp and done automatically and all for free. Backup whenever changes are detected and restore whenever corruption is detected.

I, for one, appreciate your efforts with this tool and prefer to manually backup what and when I want and do likewise with restore. I like using my brain and head for more than a hat rack.

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