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hi Koopa,

just to explain my own part as a former tester, once ratings could be saved to file, I really had no glaring need for the backup tool. it would be good for me for bookmarks and replicating smartviews from one install to another, but since one machine will have different paths, users, etc and so on from another, I just end up not risking it and slog thru the manual setup.

I think the other big "missing" piece, is that there is no plugin in winamp to remind or automate the process. I however am starting to think winamp agent should be in charge of such things... agent could be used to schedule the backups, scans, remote control winamp, start and exit it, test open ports, etc... but anyway, I think b/c its totally standalone, people just forget about it.

its a great piece of work, i'm not trying to slag it in anyway. but I just think it needs those things.

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