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Originally Posted by rockouthippie View Post
I estimate the size of the sql for this board to be somewhere around 1.3 GB not counting any parts that aren't public. Yeah. It's too much bloat even if AOL would give you the database. I could be wrong. It could be more. I was just looking at what Internet Archive spidered off it.

Handling a database that large is not something you can do with a toaster. My guess? Most of a Xeon quad core... RAID 1 $150/mo or so from the cheapest provider I can think of. Even a new board is gonna get rapidly spendy. Databases over 200MB get clumsy. Google cloud? You're probably advised to stick squid between your forum and the world. You will need to modify the way Vanilla handles it's cookies. Run the cache on a ramdisk. Might be 3-4X as effective as going barefoot.
I don't know about it being quite that large. Maybe in cached form as webpages, yes...but not as a SQL database. That is pretty much just organized text.

It would just be a matter of importing it into a new forum installation and setting it to read-only+blocked registration, and you're done. Anyone with the correct administrative permissions could physically do it.

@DrO: Legal issues aside, I mean just as a read-only archive for future reference, since obviously some things that we would want to keep could potentially be lost. All this would do is provide a place where old, (outdated or otherwise), information could be seen, if need be. A notation could even be added at the top of it, stating that the information is not maintained, and is only available as a reference to old posts.

As for the legal issues, assuming AOL drops ownership of Winamp completely with its shutdown, it might not be a problem. It may require some authorization, though, as was mentioned. This is just an idea, however. I'm not saying it should replace the new, fresh forum that you have already set up. Even with an archive like what I'm suggesting, I would still recommend using the new one as the place for continued conversations.

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