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There's something to be said about listening to a CD with songs in the artist's order. The concept of an "album" is falling apart these days with the use of single-song purchasing on amazon/itunes/etc. I appreciate the older practice of having an artist's track in a carefully chosen order, or in some cases, placed in such a way that they all combine to sound like one non-stop work.

Personally I'd take a lot of brands over Sony because of personal frustrations of reliability issues with Sony products. I've even been on not one but two DJ gigs that ended in dead air due to a Sony amplifier fail; once with a receiver, once with a stand-alone amp. Luckily I had a second amp in the trailer the second time it happened, but the first time it was a pack-up-and-go embarrassment. Onkyo has had a better reliability reputation, in addition to more ethical business practices. Some people have good luck with Sony, but I don't think it's what it used to be back in our parents' day.

Best Buy does make an excellent showroom for the online ordering process. I must say that I have been guilty of the same offense. Any brand that you can't test is usually available from a web site that has a satisfaction guaranteed return policy if you look around enough (including return shipping), especially if you are replacing the undesired unit with another from the same company.

I like the direction you're going in terms of receiver/satellites rather than the boomboxes/bookshelf systems. For one thing, sound quality is of more importance than volume on these systems, plus the look is a lot more professional compared to the ones that look more like they belong in a teenager's or college student's room.

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But... they're heroes in a half-shell.
I have to say, that's quite awesome. I miss playing the TMNT video game at the arcade and on Nintendo. At the arcade, it was playable by up to 4 players simultaneously. That was a lot of fun.

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