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I stumbled on this Sony DAV-BC150 a couple weeks ago. Some family members were moving and didn't want it anymore. It's a 5-DVD/CD changer with a tuner and line-in. It outputs over a hundred watts to each of 5 satellites and subwoofer (650 total). It came with some heavy speaker stand bases, one of which fell on my toe and made me say something I'm glad my little daughter didn't hear.

It retailed around $300 when it was new ten years ago, which was a very low price for a "home theater". It is definitely not for an audiophile, which might explain the lower cost, but at free-to-me, it's great for it's price. The quality of sound is harmed by a problem I always seem to notice with small-enclosure vented speakers. The small, vented satellite enclosures cause a certain narrow range of frequencies to resonate a lot more than everything else, making for anything but the desired flat response. There are no tweeters. Just a single cone speaker per box, and you notice a lack of clean treble as a result. That said, the speakers are still a bit better sounding than typical built-in TV speakers, and they're obviously much, much stronger. The subwoofer adds a respectable bass response and can handle a lot of power.

I'm considering placing this in my office, not that I'll ever turn it up very loud if I do that. If I don't do that, perhaps I'll place it in the garage and hang the satellites out of the way.

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